It’s Been Awhile

Six months have elapsed since the last time I wrote something for myself.  Truthfully, I have let this site languish as I focused upon more pressing things.  A lot has happened since that August post, and I’m here to report that I am pleased with the way things are going.

Unfortunately, I have no war stories to share.  In order to keep content flowing, I am going to go back in time and bring to light some tales that haven’t been made public.  I had hoped to have something fresh as Dosh was planning on picking up a Corvette for himself down in Florida on New Years, but I ended up finding him a clean 2003 about at a dealer in Lansing.  While it wasn’t the winter death sentence we had hoped for, I’m glad he finally found the right car.  Worse yet, his family’s place in Punta Gorda is rented until May, which means spring break will most likely be spent in Detroit.

Even though my blog has fallen into dormancy doesn’t mean that I have stopped writing, in fact its much the opposite.  Francis Racing/FrancisSpeed has finally been relaunched as The Speed Journalwith a broader focus upon the automotive lifestyle.  I’ve written every article on the site at this point, so I urge you to go check it out.  Whether you’re into racing, restoration, or the latest supercar, there’s certainly something on there for everyone.

I’ve also occasionally written pieces for The Odyssey, but have been bestowed with the opportunity to function as Editor in Chief.  I will say that I have not devoted a large chunk of time to the site, as I don’t agree with giving another outlet ownership of my work.  Nevertheless, it has provided a great deal experience functioning in an editorial capacity.

As for summer, well, that’s up in the air.  I am still waiting to hear back in regards to an internship that I’ve been chasing since late September.  While I am hesitant to speak about it until things are finalized, I am salivating at the opportunity.  Barring that, I do have some events lined up for the summer, in order to bring some more content to the site.  Keep an eye on here, as I will be updating the site with anything I have written for other outlets.

With that being said, let’s keep hoping for warm weather and the chance to once again take to the streets in something other than a winter beater.

Until next time, feel free to contact me through the site or follow me on social media @drunkonunleaded.

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