Where’s the Content?

Victory Lane

For the 11 people who stumbled upon my blog (8 of which I sent the link to, the other 3 stalked my Facebook page), at least 4 have asked me when I am finally going to post something.  I’ve got great news for you: I’m working on it.

Plans now are to post at least something each week.  As of right now, I am working on every Thursday.  This should allow me to keep a steady stream of content to actually have something to write about each week.  As of right now, I have an article ready to publish for tomorrow AM.  There are a few from various road trips I have taken earlier this year that are currently in-progress.  I also have a project (the one that sparked the blog idea) that I’ve been working on.  This will most likely be broken down into several parts.  I’m hoping to send it off to legitimate magazine or blog for publishing, but will at the very least be linked to off of my blog here.

I am full of enough hot air to rant on a number of automotive-related topics that should keep everyone entertained for quite some time.  If readership grows past what seems to be immediate family/friends, I will look at committing more time to this endeavor.  We will have to see what the future holds…

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