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For The Times They Are a-Changin’

I returned home Tuesday morning a few moments before 3:00 AM.  The past two weeks consisted of over 3,400 miles behind the wheel, 10 states, and one plane ride.  During the course of my vacation(s), I learned three important things: … Continue reading

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Wherever I May Roam

I wrote a thing about cars. Also, I will be on vacation starting this week. #WheresRyanNow Continue reading

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Impeding Traffic: Amtrak is a colossal waste of Taxpayer dollars, but damn it can be fun.

If you are among the 24 weekly readers (and growing!) that follow my adventures, you would have noticed that I did not post anything last week. To be honest, I’ve been extremely lazy. I’ve spent the past 4 weekends out … Continue reading

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(Motor) Way of Life: Best Driving Albums

There are few truths in this world that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt. One of the most prominent is that the right music can make or break your road trip. In my short decade of driving, I’ve … Continue reading

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Impeding traffic: In defense of bashing rental cars (or how we got banned from Enterprise)

DISCLAIMER: I am not endorsing the abuse of rental cars, nor am I condoning breaking the terms of your rental agreement.  Information contained below is for anecdotal purposes only. I’ve been ridiculed by more than a few of my SJW … Continue reading

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